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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 5, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> fans were out in big numbers
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to watch the game. crews were around the bay all the way up to san francisco as the dove nation tuned into the game. we're live in downtown livermore in one spot that was packed. >> bbq behind me, this restaurant turned into a miny "roaracle," fans cheering when they went into overtime. >> bbq, beer and basketball what can go wrong. >> they serve to wipe bbq and sweat off faces during a tight warriors game. >> i think they came out a little on edge. they're rushing, they need to calm down and play their game. >> the secret sauce to beating lebron james and the cavs during the nba finals. >> a lot of defense and
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offense. >> no turnovers and we win six. >> the tri valley and beyond turned out to watch the game because basketball and bbq is a winning combination l.a.. >> once seth gets in his rhythm and klay they're on their money. >> abc7 news. >> and abc7 news was at the yard house tonight where loud cheers erupted after almost every basketball and almost every game tuned to the tv so fans to cheer on their team. in south san francisco the food park was packed more than 100 people most of them in warriors gear crowded in front of ten big screen tvs to cheer on the doves. game two is sunday at 5:00 in oakland followed by game
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three and four tuesday and thursday in cleveland. we have more warriors coverage still ahead, including a look at how much money all that team memorabilia could be worth. stay tuned for that. let's move on for the moment. a nine-way kidney transplant is happening right now, 18 people under going surgery between today and tomorrow thanks to one man who wanted to donate his kidney. we have the storeystory. >> the patient you see is an alt ruistic donor, he wanted to give his kidney to anyone who needed it. >> he's doing a wonderful thing. he felt need to show gratitude and he is helping multiple people now. >> started a chain as the recipient of his kidney wasn't a match so they gave their kidney to a stranger and so on in this case it is repeated nine times fire total of 18 surgeries,
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including five husband and wife pairs. in some cases the kidneys are being transported between two hospitals by kourier. >> the chain could brake if someone gets sick it will all fall apart. >> so far so good ten down and ale eight surgeries to go. >> one person giving up a healthy kidney is not going to hurt their health or shorten their life span. it's a very safe thing. >> this is to be one of the nation's first transplants done over this it period of time. officers say a man pickpocketed a man on dakota road. the victim fought with him trying to get his wallet back.
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one witness tackled him until police arrived. two plants that would have cleared the rain test kit is lost. the san francisco police department has refused to participate in grants worth $2 million each. police chief says the funding was too restrictive and would only pay to clear kids that are past the statute of limitation. >> we don't want to spend resources on thing that's can't be prosecuted at the expense of things that can be prosecuted. >> there's over 100 of the kits in police storage rooms right now. back to our warriors. warriors gear is flying off the shelf. >> oh, yeah. >> how much are all those warriors autographs worth. >> it's been pretty amazing. the bay area is no stranger to
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championships. we win so many games. but how much are these items going to be worth now ha we have a win. >> plus a very special wedding. why this couple went high tech with their vows. >> we have a few low clouds and cool late night weather right why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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excitement over the warriors is reaching a fever pitch in the bay area. >> serious. what's it mean for the value of their autographs and other memorabilia. >> wait until you see this. the bay area is no stranger to the championships, giants,-49ers and raiders have all taken home the bacon but there's just something about this warriors team that is just different. >> it's a love fest right now in the bay area for the golden state warriors doves gear is very popular at the sports collection shop classic materials. >> a designer would be anything golden state warriors. >> it's the same story at memorabilia for >> they are super hot stephen
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curry, of course, klay thompson but it is trickling down to anyone. >> stephen curry has yet to win an nba championship but already the value of his merchandise ranks up there with buster posey and madison bumgarner. >> $285 for a 8 by 10 frame photo. when curry could shoot pass bumgarner. daniel predicts an unframed photo of stephen curry could go to up to $299. >> the players are going to charge more for autographs. it's going to be harder to get in to get anything signed to get close to him. >> it won't just be expect any autographed items of klay thompson, xander bogaerts, harrison barnes green and lee
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or anything warriors will go up too. some are playing the memorabilia game like the stock market. >> we get a lot of people buying multiple of things and they're hoping it will become a profit later on. >> but for the vast majority of collectors buying memorabilia is a way to feel connected to players. >> most people are not speculating, but buying because that's something they want. >> unfortunately there are a lot of frauds protect yourself by doing research. know the going rate. if the price is too low walk away. be aware some superstars like michael jordan have certain contracts with only certain dealers. look carefully before making purchases. >> great advise. you have to be very careful. well a wedding goes high
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tech, not to show off the latest technology, it's so the bride's mother who is battling late-stage cancer could watch the whole wedding live from her hospital bed. >> in so many ways this was the most non-traditional yet perfect wedding scene in sonoma county. there was a drone taking pictures of the ceremony. the bride had a go-pro in her bow bouquet. her mother battling cancer watched it on her hospital bed. >> i'm so happy that she's watching and she knows we are just so joyous and excited. >> the knot is an online wedding resource site. the bride and tailor were among thouz of engaged couples who
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wrote about their unique story. >> it went viral and they ended up winning. >> the wedding was paid for by the knot and other local vendors. like the fair mont sonoma mission inn. >> we had rough times getting to this day. couldn't have asked for anything better than this. >> it is my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. you may now kiss the bride. >> the couple will honey moon in tahiti. no drones allowed. >> that's wonderful. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> and how warm it might get. >> it's going to get pretty warm. right now just looking at live shots of the coast, some low clouds will work in locally.
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most bay side locations are in the 50s a few locate 60s in some milder inland location. here a a live look at the bay bridge. our features, isolated showers possible tomorrow. warming trend begins this weekend. we'll see temperatures in the low 90s by early next week. satellite showing an upper level low east of the bay area with wrap around most all right that could produce isolate the showers in the bay area tomorrow. we'll see high and low clouds in the bay area overnight. mainly sunny by mid day tomorrow but may have isolated showers in the evening will end quickly. to the south we have hurricane blanaca moving towards baja california 100 miles an hour
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winds expected to go across central california with potential of heavy rain and flooding, we don't expect that to be in the bay area. overnight in the bay area look for low clouds in the coast low temperatures mainly in the mid 50s. tomorrow mainly sunny skies with slight chance of isolated showers. low 60s at the coast. lower 80s inland. here comes the warm up. sunday upper 80s inland. low 90s monday. mid to upper 60s on the coast, it's great beach weather. >> thank you so much. all right the city of oakland and nba finals.
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good luck kiss from the warriors youngest star that's riley curry for her dad, nba mvp stephen curry. curry has been the darling of this year's pro season as you may know. she shared the spot light with her dad during recent
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conferences. >> or maybe stole the spot light. earlier today espn introduced oakland to america on a show," first take". >> we want people to see how lovely the city is and the energy we feel here and we want them to see the fans. >> and you may have seen a few shots like this during the game keeping a promise by espn to highlight oakland. >> we're sharing your fan photos. we want to see them. meet today's fan of the day. she says, hey the warriors are playing so no cooking tonight. check out those earrings with 30 painted on them for stephen curry. share your picks using #doveson7. next fan of the day could be you. >> that's exciting, of course.
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>> we're live at oracle this evening. what a great game. >> you almost had a fan shot of me passed out in the final seconds. lebron james went for 44 points tonight against the doves but
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good evening everybody live from oracle arena. game one of the nba finals was a hard-fought overtime win by golden state. we said coming into game one of the finals, the question was whether the best team in the nba could stop the best player on the planet in lebron james. it wasn't easy. ha ha. let's start things out with andrew bogut with couple early blocks. but lebron james finished with 44 points 18 of 38. cavs up 14. steph with the finish with 26. cavs by three at the break. final moments of the third. lebron with the chance, instead
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iguodala steals and slams, he had 15 off the bench. was huge in this game. kyrie irving comes from behind with the block six seconds left, it was lebron with a step back forever the win that wouldn't go in shumpert at the buzzer almost went, instead on to overtime where irving would have to limp off after reinjuring his knee. lebron said he left on crutches. that could be a critical loss for the cavs going forward. warriors outscore cleveland. warriors take if game one 108-100, the final. >> this is fun it is. it's more fun to win but it's fun to be part of this. this is the pinnacle. it's the nba finals. we're excited to be here. it's a good start. >> we had to force tough shots and rebound the ball and that's when we're at our best on the offense we can push in
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transition. so being versatile, whatever coach throws out we're ready. >> at the end of the day we give our self a chance. missed a tough one but we had so many opportunities to win this game, we n didn't. on to baseball. a's and tigers, second inning. a's jump out early. lawrie and sogard part of three run inning for the a's. cespedes a swing-and-a-miss. lawrie another to center field ben zobrist scoring. a's win it 7-5 for a sweep of the tigers. the president had some fun with the series mvp, madison bumgarner. >> madison put together a string of performances that i think is pretty hard to believe.
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